20130606Saturn by ZhuoZhao 10“dob

Plato from Mike ( 18"dobson + ASI120MM

ASI120MC + C14 From Brett Turner

Saturn from Chris Go ( C14+ASI120MM

Saturn from Damian Peach( ) ASI120MM+C14

ZWO 12"F4.2 newtionian + 3x + ASI120MM


20120907 Nepturn by ZhuoZhao 10“dob


ZuoZhao & 10" dob


ZuoZhao 10" dob + ASI120MM


Jupiter w/ ASI120mm from 2012 November 15 UT 00:10 By Robert Reitsam
ROI 640x480 65fps sharp cap
Newton 300f5
3x Barlow with additional tubes attached
Jupiter appr. 400x400 pixel
Astronomik filters Type II
1/100sec R,G gain 70, B gain 80
1600frames each
registax stack and sharpening, fitswork final work

C14+ASI120MM By Darryl


16" dob +ASI120MM by Emil

16"Newtonian + ASI120MM by Marco Guidi (Click to view the full image)


Sun 20120918 by whyaaaning C8

M51 From mitovka . 300F5 newtionian+ASI120MM 200X9s

M42 Center by Emil 10" Meade Starfinder +ASI120MM

M82 from Emil

M57 by jha 20120821 16" meade SCT

M13 By Jha 20120615

Metor captured by David Rankin

All sky recoding 20120912