Driver & Software Download

User Manual

ASI Camera User Manual V1.3

ASI USB2.0 Cameras FAQ V1.0

ASI USB2.0 Cameras Tourble Shooting V1.0

ASI USB2.0 Cameras Firmware Upgrade Tool

FW Upgrade Tool (VS2008 SP1 redistributable package requried, download from here)


Windows: V1.9 changelog

Linux & Mac: V0.1.0320

SDK is only used by developers, users don't need to install it.

ASI Camera ASCOM Driver


ASICamera ST4 Telescope ASCOM Setup V1.0.1.4

(ST4 only telescope ASCOM driver, so you can operate the camera though directshow and drive the mount though ASCOM)


USBST4 ASCOM Setup V1.0.0.1 ( USBST4 is a USB to ST4 adapter )

Software on Linux&Mac OSX

PHD2: Guide software

OACAPTURE: Capture software

*Notes: Our USB2.0 camera is not compatible very well with Mac OSX.

USB3.0 cameras is Highly recommended for Mac users.

ASI174MM Mono Camera Driver

Driver: ASI174MM_Setup V1.0

ASI174MC Color Camera Driver

Driver: ASI174MC_Setup V1.0

ASI120MM-S Mono Camera Driver

Driver: ASI120MM-S_Setup V1.2

ASI120MC-S Color Camera Driver

Driver: ASI120MC-S_Setup V1.2

ASI120MM Mono Camera Driver

Driver: ASI120MM_Setup V2.4 changelog

ASI120MC Color Camera Driver

Driver: ASI120MC_Setup V2.4 changelog

ASI034MC Color Camera Driver

Driver: ASI034MC_SETUP V1.4

ASI130MM Mono Camera Driver

Driver: ASI130MM_SETUP V2.3

ASI035MM Mono Camera Driver

Driver:ASI035MM_SETUP V2.1

ASI035MC Color Camera Driver

Driver:ASI035MC_SETUP V2.1

ASI030MC Color Camera Driver

Driver:ASI030MC_Setup V2.1

SoftWare Download

SharpCap: SharpCapInstall-1.5.346.msi (Thanks Robin:

FireCapture:FireCapture 2.4 (Thanks Torsten:

FC2.4 offer native support of ASI Cameras include ASI174MM/MC. It can support bin2, 12bit output, allows for mouse drag, and can set ROI, etc..



Stack software: AS!2 (thanks Emil: